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Sunnydale Cowl

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Design by Katy Carroll. The pattern is not included and it is available for purchase on

The Sunnydale Cowl is a practical accessory for chilly, late-night graveyard strolls, when your hands might be otherwise occupied with stakes and crossbows. Originally designed for fans of “Buffy the Vampire Slayer”-themed shipment, the cowl features dropped stitches and a subtle “fanged” motif reminds you to keep your jugular protected at all times!

The Sunnydale Cowl has options to knit it in fingering or worsted weight. The first image is knit in Melted Box of Crayons in Practicality 75/25. The second image is Marsh Lights in Playtime Worsted.

The set includes one skein of either Practicality 75/25 Fingering or Playtime Worsted; or create your own Sunnydale from a skein of Practicality 75/25 or Playtime Worsted of your choice.

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