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Thank you for visiting my online shop! I've collected my most frequently asked questions - if you don't see your question/answer here, please get in touch! You can email me at


I'm making a sweater - will my skeins match?

I do my best to choose matching skeins for your project. If I can't get a match with what I have, I will dye a fresh batch for you.


I see a lot of skeins in different colors/bases with the same name - Ewenique or OOAK - what does that mean?

OOAK stands for One Of a Kind. Ewenique also means that the skein is one of a kind.

Oftentimes they are test colors or just something I was playing with.

Sometimes it is a batch gone awry - I usually dye in batches of six, twelve and eighteen. When I make a mistake, it is sometimes across an entire batch which is why you may see a OOAK/Ewenique listed with more than one skein available. 

If you need more than what's available - you can always ask - sometimes I know what I did to create the OOAK/Ewenique but oftentimes I do not.


The yarn I want is on pre-order - should I order or wait until it is in stock?

You should go ahead and order it. My turnaround on pre-orders is generally 8-10 business days. I dye what I feel I need to have in stock which may not be what you need.


Will you wind yarn for me into a cake and is there a fee?

Yes but please keep in mind that yarn that is wound is not returnable.

I also cannot wind Marianette or Bundle of Ettes for you. The skeins are too small and do not hold up well in caked form. They are best wound by hand.

The fee is $1 a skein no matter the size of the skein. 


If I purchase a kit, will there be enough yarn to complete the project for the kit?

I work closely with designers to figure out how much yarn is needed for a kit but it is only as accurate as your gauge since gauge differences in gauge will result in different amounts of yarn used.

Gauge differs not only by knitter and by yarn base but also by needle type! Please be sure to always check gauge by wet blocking.


Can I come visit your shop? Do you offer dye classes?

I'm sorry but the answer here is No. I work out of my dye studio in the basement of my home and I am not set up for visitors. 

I do have stockists mostly in my home state of New Jersey and I do a lot of festivals - please check my Upcoming Events list to see if I might be in an area near you.