Cobblestone Cowl Kit

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  • $78.00

This kit features yarn to be crocheted into the Cobblestone Cowl by Rachy Newin

It includes a full skein of Playtime DK and a Jujubee DK gradient set. The cowl is designed to be worn doubled up or longer for a relaxed stylish look. It's crafted flat and an adventurous beginner as well as engaging project for the more advanced.

Superfan is a new Mixed Marianade and currently exclusive to this kit. Its classic colors make it the perfect accessory set.

Daiquiri and Racing Silks are guaranteed to chase away with winter blues while Perennial Gardens is reminiscent of a soft spring. Dragon Scales is a timeless set with its classic jewel tones.

The kit comes complete with 

Five buttons (not included in the kit) are needed for the pattern as shown - add in a set of 5 buttons to complete your cowl as shown.

Pattern available on

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