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12 Sparkly Days of Baubles Mini Set (2021)

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This collection of Glitterati Minis is the set originally used by Stacey Lewis in her 12 Sparkly Days of Baubles released in November 2021. 

The set includes 15 Glitterati minis - 40+ yards of silver sparkle hand dyed colors in fingering weight. The minis come already caked and ready to knit.

Colors from left to right and also in the order used

  • Day 1 Pickle Juice (yellow green variegated)
  • Day 2 Mango Blast (yellow) & Maple Pecan (rust)
  • Day 3 Enchanted Dawn (medium magenta)
  • Day 4 Faerie Braids (lighter pink/green/purple variegated)
  • Day 5 Enchanted Watch (blue/green)
  • Day 6 Hidden Peak (purple) & Tequila Sunrise (yellow/orange variegated)
  • Day 7 Rainbow Sprinkles (bright rainbow colors variegated)
  • Day 8 She Gave Me a Pen (red)
  • Day 9 Marsh Lights (darker pink/green/purple variegated)
  • Day 10 Princess and the Pea (bright lime green) & Hot Gossip (dark magenta)
  • Day 11 Indigo Bunting (purple/blue)
  • Day 12 Deep Space (dark blue)

Please note: baubles not included.

FAQ why aren't baubles included? 

Because I would charge more to ship them than amazon does - you can order them on

Check out her other bauble designs on and

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