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Serendipity Gradient sets

Posted by Marianated Yarns on

Sometimes you need a seventh color in your gradient set - add a little Serendipity to your project!

Serendipity Sets

Many of my six color sets had a seventh color if needed - they were finally made official with the introduction of Serendipity Sets.

Princess Quail

Princess Quail Serendipity Set

Stormy Skies Ahead

Stormy Skies Ahead Serendipity Set

Smooth Sailing

Smooth Sailing Serendipity Set

Tangled Up in Blues

Tangled Up in Blues Serendipity Set

Rock Quarry

Rock Quarry Serendipity Set

And introducing a new Mixed Marianade - Among the Wildflowers

Among the Wildflowers Serendipity Set

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