This time last year I celebrated one of those big birthdays - you know, one of the ones that ends in zero. I found it disconcerting and I decided to replace a certain number in my vocabulary with the word Nifty instead. I would have preferred to use a replacement word like Snorty or Nerdy, but alas, Nifty it was.

Now it is almost one year later and I guess that makes me almost Nifty-ish. To celebrate, I'm having a series of Nifty Plus One specials starting August 1 and ending with that day (that I refuse to dread) August 6. The specials will be available until August 8th.

Anything you order as part of the Nifty Plus One Celebration (yes, we'll call it a celebration) will ship after August 8th in a single shipment.

To kick off the Nifty Plus One Pre-Celebration, there is free shipping for the month of August starting now.

I've also added some discontinued yarns to make it even Niftier!